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checking your dick, to see if it stinks of cheese, before getting a chick to suck you off.
man, kelly is gonna suck me off in an hour, best do a cheese check to see how bad it is.
by Nick1401 October 25, 2007
A great sexual activity, that involves getting a chick, banging her senseless from behind, ass or pussy, while she gets a cock rammed down her throat from the front.
Lets spitroast that sweet looking young blonde babe over there
by Nick1401 August 16, 2007
A person, like myself, who eats food at sporadic intervals during the day, only when hungry.

The opposite to a gorger. See 'gorger'
GORGER: 'Are you going to finish that dinner?' GRAZER: 'No'

GORGER: 'Why?'

GRAZER 'I've had enough, I'm no longer hungry'

GORGER 'Waste not, want not'

Picks up grazers plate and finishes grazers meal.
by Nick1401 October 30, 2007
bidding on ebay, whilst drunk. More often then not, regretted very much the next day... whilst praying to be outbid before the item ends.
shit man, i was e-pissed last night. i bid on a hand-signed elvis presley record. god, i hope i get outbid, please....!!!!
by Nick1401 November 25, 2007
A horde of photographers and/or journalists that gather to snap that first shot, or ask that first question , at a scene of media excitement, usually involving a famous person mired in controversy, or even just joe public thrown into the spotlight for a similar outrage or scandal.
'The parents were greeted by a media scrum, as they arrived at the police station for questioning over the disappearance of their daughter.'
by Nick1401 September 06, 2007
mushy bbc radio 2 show between 9 - 11am on sunday mornings, mainly listened to by women and snoring men.
Lets listen to steve wrights sunday love songs
by Nick1401 August 12, 2007
A condition that women make up, as excuse for being a total bitch once a month
I've got PMS, don't upset me for 3 days.

fuck off, im going down the pub.
by Nick1401 January 23, 2008

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