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A very small 'town' made of a shopping center and many neighborhoods close to Newport Beach. Located in southern california in orange county, newport coast is made up over 70% white people, 25% asian, 4% persian/arabic 0.9% other and has 0.1% black people. Full of very rich houses usually at more than 2 mil a piece, however has one apartment community and a few ones with town houses. Has very expensive places to shop, eat, and have fun that most people in the U.S. cannot afford, or do very rarely.

Ultimately a bubble that kids don't want to go out of because it seems like the nicest place on earth, an exclusive community that is like a safer, smaller, and less expensive version of Beverly Hills.

For some of the poorer people its like a less hot/humid Florida with virtually no black people (less than 3 black people in their K-6 elementary school) with higher quality everything: places to live, eat, shop, hang out, and do everything else rich primarily white people do.
Little kid: "Mommy what's that?"
Mom: "An african american person, be careful not to scare it. They are very rare in these parts of the country (Newport Coast)."
Dude: So what did you do today?
Friend: Oh, i bought 7 cars with my dad
Dude: But you're 12
Friend: It's a yearly thing
Dude: Oh okay i understand you. What kinds?
Friend: I dunno no, i think they're called laymborGUYneez
by Nick- a white person name July 08, 2011

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