4 definitions by Nick Wright

The state or quality of being an asshole.
My new boss is a real prick. His assholiness knows no bounds.
by Nick Wright August 12, 2006
A male pursuing a sexual relationship with a female under the false pretense of friendship.

In situations in which the ratio of males to females is high, (e.g. anime/science fiction/comics clubs, sports clubs/organizations, certain school campuses,) suck-punks are known to travel in packs hovering around the only females available.
Since there were 150 males and only 50 females on campus, Doc's girlfriend attracted no less than 5 suck-punks at any given time.

"They're just my friends!"
"No, Cathy. They're not your friends. They're suck-punks."

"There's this git she works with that keeps trying to warm up to her. I might have to whip the little suck-punk's ass."
by Nick Wright August 11, 2006
The state or quality of being a bastard.

(Pronounced bas-TARD-ih-tude.)

From the webcomic Treading Ground.
You have no idea the depths of my bastarditude.
by Nick Wright August 12, 2006
Affected by, characterized by, or resembling bullshit.
We had to put up with several bullshitinous rules on the campus.
by Nick Wright February 03, 2005

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