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two's up is the act of slipping one in a lady friend whilst your friend does the same on another orifice
i know it's a sunday but there's two's up on the cards... let's GO!
by nick williams January 12, 2009
Alternate, yet seemingly cooler, word for bifta. Transformed by the marvel of Snoop Dogg's chronic speak..
Snoop Doggy Dogg proclaims to Dr. Dre, "Good Gosh old sport, this bifftizle is proving most intoxicating! How about a spot of quantum physics?"
by Nick Williams August 16, 2006
to smoke a bifta (reefa, spliff, joint, marijuana cigarette) but sound eloquent and elegant about doing so.
"Good day, old fellow! Would you care to partake in a spot of bifferage, brimming with the finest morocan marijuana?"
by Nick Williams August 16, 2006
adj. a vegetarian with a particularly rampant fetish for brocolli fuelled by a true lack of meat. Usually under the impression that being vegetarian is some kind of revolutionary life choice.
"you tree hugging brocolli heads had better off my land or i shall strike you down with a slab of meat marinated in sheeps blood, boiled in the blended remains of a chicken and seasoned with smoked pigs anus!"

by Nick Williams August 16, 2006

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