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when a women looks likes a gazelle from afar, but up close she looks like a beast
person 1: yo son, peep this gurl.

person 2: word?

(person 2 turns around, scopes the scene, recognizes what female his friend pointed out. He gets an immediate erection. starts licking his lips. female turns around, fine as fuck. person 2 starts grabbing his junk, she starts licking her lips, there going to....she walks closer

as she approaches, she starts to look like she has vomit for a face, the smell in the room is getting horrible. person 2 looks over at his friend, person 1, like, "wtf?"

person 2: can i help you?

gazelle da beast: whats up?

person 2: nothing much with dank ass smell that you brought over and that lasagna on your face

(after they have some words, person 2 turns to person 1)

person 2: that bitch was gazelle da beast.
by Nick Whole August 20, 2007
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