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noun - Cameron Crazies
verb - "To do the Cameron Crazies:"

Call as many friends who can fit in your closet and tell them to come over.
Have them paint their bodies and wearing bright blue afros (resembling the real Cameron Crazies), and make sure they are equipped with a boombox.
Call a girlfriend whom you know is open to making booty calls.
Once you are several minutes into the sexual act, have your friends burst out of the closet, blasting techno, jumping up and down, hollering at the top of their lungs in celebration of your manliness. (Video camera optional)
Be prepared to break up all relations with the woman you chose, as she will most likely want to.
"Dude, this easy girl I don't care about is coming over at 8. Get the guys over here at 7, so you can do the Cameron Crazies on her."

"Mom, a bunch of guys jumped out on us in the middle of intercourse!
...Aww Honey, they just did the Cameron Crazies on you..."
by Nick Werle February 06, 2008

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