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Vaginal fluid, usually excessive.
I pulled my dick out of her and it was dripping cuntcum.
by Nick T W January 30, 2008
Flirtatious gay man; term of insult aimed at a heterosexual man with tinted hair highlights (see also 'tinted twat').
Craig, what have you done with your hair? You look like a cock botherer.
by Nick T W December 06, 2007
Usual money shot in any porno film. Derogatory term for homosexual. See also 'man-mouthwash'.
No wonder his breath stinks the spunk gargler has been using man-mouthwash again
by Nick T W January 30, 2008
Type of sexually intimate apparel worn by women (when not at bingo). Especially appreciated by men with a dinner lady fixation.
I was in Ann Summers the other day looking at their tabardgerie range. I bought one for my girlfriend who is really into scooping cold dollops of mash onto my cock. When she's not at bingo that is.
by Nick T W February 01, 2008
(1) A cheeky bastard with too much to say for themselves. See also 'gob shite'

(2) Vagina with over developed beef curtains.
"Is it your round Bazza?"
"Fuck off you lippy cunt."

"Check out the gash on that. That's some lippy cunt."
by Nick T W February 05, 2008
Sex between ugly lezzas
Look at those dykes, that's a cunt crash waiting to happen
by Nick T W July 01, 2008
Effeminate male with an obsession with beauty treatments, a person not to be trusted
You just have to look at him to know he can't be trusted, the tinted twat.
by Nick T W December 06, 2007

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