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4 definitions by Nick T

Derived from "ghetto" and "etiquette", this word describes behaviors that are acceptable in the ghetto.
Shooting up someone's "mama's" or "babymomma's" crib is poor ghetiquette when the opportunity to bust a cap in the offending party is readily available.

Being a snitch for the cops is poor ghetiquette.
by Nick T April 04, 2005
Used in replacement of "have sexual relations/contact",
i.e will you and shelia shumpit tonight?
by Nick T December 20, 2004
A screwup, failure, mistake or error.
You just pulled a ReaperFett!
by Nick T September 28, 2003
Like the fore mentioned milf , this word originates from those who like the older generation meaning "mum i did fuck"
Oh you know that milf well she is now a midf
by Nick T October 14, 2004