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a sevvie is a word short for 7th graders
Jeremy Klicka is one cool sevvie.
by Nick Stevens January 11, 2005
Puffy face is when a girls face is so puffy, it resembles the cheese puffs in line at the Winona Middle School.
Dude, have you seen kelsey mehus's face? HOLY SHIT deos she got a puffy face, and might i add! HER HEAD IS HUGE!
by Nick Stevens December 14, 2004
Snowboard Sland: Idiotic people who migrate from Texas, Ohio, Oklahoma, Kansas and other mideast states to mainly Colorado and Utah and other ski cities and states.
"This town i full of tourists!"
"I blame the mideast migrational patterns."
by Nick Stevens November 30, 2003
Deriving from the aregano incident on 3 South, aregano means marajuana in some cases, but most of the time it means "This is lame lets go."
At a boring activity one might say "This pizza needs some more aregano." And another person might respond "Yeah this is gay lets go."
by Nick Stevens November 30, 2003

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