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Shitty way of spelling the word "muzak" which is a type of instrumental elevator music from the 70's. Now muzak is commonly refered to as anytype of music.
"I played some muzack with Nick and Colin on Sunday"
by Nick OG May 30, 2005
A band that used to be half decent, but are now world renound greedy bitches who havent put out a good album since "Black album"...i mean any one who thinks St.Anger was a good song and good album should get their heads out of there asses.
"man have u heard the latest metallica album?!"
"Yea and it couldnt have sucked harder!"
What do u mean man?"
"St.Anger was one of the most uncreative songs written. fuck i'd sooner listen to air supply"
"If you hate them so much why did u buy their album?"
i didnt...i down loaded it (irony)."
by Nick OG July 29, 2005
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