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n. normal underwear which for any reason is soaked with semen or vaginal fluids.
1. underwear which a young male may realease his fluids into while masturbating in bed.
2. underwear which men without condoms splooge into rather than partner's vagina or face (or male partner's anus, but why not?).
3. panties which females get all moist and sloppy when horny or dry rubbed.
4. (slang) referring to any person particularly emasculated.

v. to cream your jeans.
1. "Jimmy I swear to God, I'm your mother not a landromat. I will not touch your disgusting cumderwear anymore."
2. "Baby I don't have any cumderwear, I'm just gonna go on your back."
3. "I was watching George Clooney with a miniskirt on yesterday and I totally turned the living room sofa into cumderwear."
4. "We destroyed that other team in sports. We turned them into our cumderwear."

v. Jimmy was so excited when his voluptuous teacher bent over that he cumderweared.
by Nick Micheletti October 09, 2006

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