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Phreak (or phreaking/phreaker) is a term used to describe the early hackers in the late 70's-early 90's who manipulated the tone-based telephone switching systems to conduct unauthorized activity within that system. Although these "phreakers" rarely had malicious intent, their curiosity often got them arrested and heavily punished.
Cap'n crunch is the best known phreaker of all time because he discovered the effect of the 2600Hz tone.
by Nick Marco January 28, 2003
A grocery store chain in the Carolinas. Often called by its nickname, "Hairy Teater"
Hey, I'm gonna run to the Hairy Teeter to get some condoms.
by Nick Marco April 29, 2004
"Ugget" is one who shows an enlightened and progressive approach to community service and volunteerism. This type of giving makes an Ugget unique and special.
Excerpted from the Uggets.com site:

"Uggets," have two major goals for the trip. First, they hope to raise peoples' awareness of several issues and causes in America and demonstrate a variety of ways of supporting them. "There seems to be a misconception that you have to have a special badge or belong to a certain group in order to do good," explains Amber, "We want to show people that there are ways to help make a difference anywhere, everywhere and at any time."

I think that summarizes nicely.
by Nick Marco January 06, 2005
Where a male is having anal sex with a woman. Man sticks his finger in the woman's anus, pulls the finger out, then reaches around and sticks it in her mouth.
Uncle Dirty says he gave her the dirty hook the other night.
by Nick Marco January 27, 2003

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