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2 definitions by Nick Lupo

A point while drinking adult beverages when a euphoric or enchanted state is reached. This is the point where most actions cannot be recalled the next day and all future plans must be put on hold for a short period of time.
Greg: Did you see Casey the other night?

Evan: Yea, we really got him totally sh_t 'barbed' last night!
by Nick Lupo February 27, 2009
Someone who has absolutely no idea that they are a total and complete 100% douche bag.
Tom says: "I think I am going to wear my blazer with my jeans to the bar tonight. Even though I only make $32 grand a year, I would like to portray myself as a millionaire."

John says: "Your a Douche Bag!"
by Nick Lupo April 07, 2008