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1.) n. Someone who has heard so much Jesus talk in their life their brain has fried.

2.) n. A hardcore member of the largest bloodiest gang ever to roam the Earth. Easily identifiable by the presence of either or both of to gang signs, the Jesus Fish, or the Holy Cross.
1.) Hey did you watch Borat? Man their were some Jesus Crispies on that movie.

2.) Person 1. Dude, please tell me you didnt give that guy the finger, he has a Jesus Fish on his car!!

Person 2. What!! a Jesus crispy, oh shit here he comes, Im sorry man, I didnt see the fish.
by Nick Lance November 20, 2006
Generic U.S. city/town name, almost every state has one.
Person 1) Hey, I am from Fremont Michigan.
Person 2) I thought Fremont was in California?
Person 1) Yea, they have one to, as well as Ohio, Illinios, and a bunch of other places.
by Nick Lance March 27, 2007

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