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The Heavy Weight Champ of Ottawa Ontario Canada, by far The Heaviest boxer around, has placed 2nd in championship matches out off two people, simply a joke, and an embarrassment to all living creatures, Nick if you are reading this please throw in the towel, and loose some fucking weight you fat slob, actual definition: someone who is fat, pathetic, has no friends and thinks they are good at boxing
Nick Khoury is the "BIGGEST" ladies man out there
Nick Khoury said knock you out?
Nick Khoury is a homo
by Nick Khoury February 10, 2008
When a girl is kissing a guy for the first time and while kissing, the girl bites the guy while kissing because of the sudden shock and feels extremely embarrassed, and tells their Greek/Persian friend about it :)
Gaddy was at the movies with her BF, and when he slipped the tongue Gaddy couldnt help but BITE back.
by Nick Khoury February 07, 2008
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