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Slang term for a cigarette.
"let's have a heater"
"Do you have any heaters?"
by Nick K December 15, 2005
1. The undersized testes of a human male.
"You have babynuts"
"Hey babynuts. Fuck off."
"Last night your mom told me you have babynuts"
by Nick K March 18, 2006
A spineless or weak individual.
"Don't be such a bitchcake, jump!"
"You hit like a bitchcake."
"You fuckin bitchcake."
by Nick K January 18, 2006
It's the ugliest and dumbest creature alive! Yes, the Butemy, hideous and stupid. The rare Butemy mates by staring another Butemy (regardless of sex, skin color, and shoe size) in the eyes. Come see it now for 2 dollars, an extra 3 gets you a blindfold.
The butemy made ruth laugh.
by Nick K September 25, 2003

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