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1. Martha Stewart's Prison Bitch name.
2. A wannabe rapper who's name starts with the letter 'M'.
1) That M. Diddy is a hot piece of ass!

2) Yo! It's M. Diddy whizzle in tha hizzle fo' shizzle, all the ladies think i gotsa small Pe-nizzle!
by Nick John July 09, 2005
Someone of hispanic descent, but takes all stereotypes to an entirely different level. An uberspic would own five landscaping businesses, rather than just working for one. If the uberspic was a woman, she'd be pregnant, in the kitchen barefoot, babbling on about nothing (like anyone understands her anyways). If it was a man, he'd be the most respected lawn mower out there, and would have a fat wife, only because shes a damn good cook. If he wants sex, he'll just masterbate to the spanish soaps, which in America, is equivalent to a softcore porn.
Man: Nick John, Ricky Martin

Woman: Who gives a shit.

by Nick John November 11, 2007

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