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My hero, he is the greatest song writer ever, using only a keyboard and a spectacular voice, he churned out hilarious songs. R.I.P.
"At the age of 46 Al Capone was a stupid jack ass."
by nick h June 10, 2004
Used as an expression of happiness, accomplishment, laughter, etc. Basically any positive event/emotion.

For the negative effect, see "I hate my life"
Friend: ::tells joke that you find amusing::

You: I totally half-assed that essay and got an A, I love my life!
by Nick H February 03, 2004
The opposite of "I love my life".

Used to express disapproval, disgust, or if something bad happens to oneself.
Friend 1: "Yes, ------- threw up today in class in a plastic bag."
Friend 2: "I hate my life!"

Person: " 'I love my life'....everyone is saying that now!"
Friend: "I hate my life"

You: ::spilling hot cocoa all over yourself:: " I HATE MY LIFE!"
by Nick H February 03, 2004
A queer gap student who sleezes up to male pupils
Hey that Kaleb just pulled a guy!
by nick h November 26, 2004

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