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the constipated face Nick makes when he's just ripped a massive bong.
hey Peters, look at Nick's bong face! hahahaha
by Nick Fannin March 22, 2007
a cone with assorted cockroach legs, moth balls, bit of hair and carpet, and anything else on Dan's floor.
hahahaha did you see Chad rip that! thats 4 chubbacones now
by Nick Fannin March 22, 2007
to be the best, mad cunt extraordinaire, the fuckin juice. It is the ultimate of goodness. Saying that something is the best ever.
Jason: "Nick, you're fuckin mad shit"
Nick: "Cheers man"
by Nick Fannin January 20, 2008
Nick Fannin is a fuckin mad cunt. The fuckin maddest cunt ever to grace the earth with his presence. The best.
Peters: Nick, you're a fuckin mad cunt, i wish i was fuckin mad shit like you man.

Nick: You will be one day man, you just need to get off the crack! fuckin little guy.
by Nick Fannin January 20, 2008
a mad bong consisting of 4 chambers for maximum smoothness.
whoa man how did you rip that massive cone? quad damage...
by Nick Fannin March 22, 2007

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