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A device similar to a dustpan or miniature shovel, used to pick up dog droppings during a dogwalk. A long attached handle relieves the operator from having to bend over. Usually a spring-activated flap (controlled by a squeezegrip at the top of the handle) is manually opened and closed on the leading edge of the blade during the catch, preventing the poop from rolling out. Use of the pooper scooper is considered good etiquette, and with a bit of practice resembles a golf putt or croquet strike.
I'm totally into using the pooper scooper when walking Smokey. It's like he never took a dump!
by Nick Estes February 20, 2006
A derogatory name for the automobile driven by a youth who is too wild behind the wheel, over-steering, over-accelerating and over-braking aggressively. The car's destination is most likely dorky locations such as electronic gaming stores, corporate fast food eateries and shopping malls. Yelling, twitchy, awkwardly moving high-on-life teens are predictably the passengers. The driver is often a teenager still living at home and driving a parent's car. In January 2007, the U.S. news media began reporting of incidents of increasing auto accidents involving spazmobiles, where teens were injured due to too many distractions in the vehicle.
"I've avoided quite a few collisions with a spazmobile. I can tell kids are on summer vacation."
by Nick Estes February 14, 2007
A street layout phenomenon occuring in driving, where a motorist unfamiliar with an area encounters two one-way streets in succession, forcing the course of the car away from the destination, or back to the location where the impasse was first noticed. A triple one-way switchback involves three one-way streets and produces the same results.
Bill kept driving away from where he wanted to go. The neighborhood was a maze of double one-way switchbacks.
by Nick Estes February 20, 2006

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