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A nickname for Australian pop singer and actress Olivia Newton John, who rose to fame with various songs around 1974 and 1975, one entitled "Have You Never Been Mellow?" During this time, nuclear armament science heralded a new invention known as the neutron bomb. It was able to disperse devastating concentrations of life-destroying neutron radiation while leaving buildings and structures intact. Men and boys who didn't appreciate the lilting voice of the singer, who later starred in the Hollywood films Xanadu, def. 1 and 5 and Grease were known to call her by this name. Although they may have fantasized shagging the well-scrubbed songbird, never would they admit to enjoying her enchanting dulcet tones. The name is considered belittling by a Xanadude, and subliminally resembles the title of the rock band known as Olivia Tremor Control.
Dennis turned off the radio in disgust and cued up some heavy metal albums. "Not Olivia Neutron Bomb again. Isn't she ever going to shut up?"
by Nick Estes February 14, 2006
An adhesive used in attaching pieces of a scale model kit together. This glue melts and bonds the plastic, def. 9 or balsa wood it comes into contact with. During the 1950's and 60's, when scale model kits reached their height of popularity, only adults could purchase this glue because it was abused by mischievous children addicted to inhaling the vapors. The gaseous particles emanating from the stringy, sticky glue caused light-headedness and a weezy, def. 7 feeling. Testors manufactured an airplane glue in a distinctive orange colored tube. High concentrations of airplane dope, used in flying model kit assembly, can produce similar results.
"You've got a nice model there. All you need to get started is some paint and airplane glue, and a well ventilated work space."
by Nick Estes February 14, 2006
A humorous exclamation, punfully used to avoid damnation and the like. Auto mechanics tend to use it in situations of frustration. See Geez Louise.
"This Laser has been taken on a joy ride. It's fucked forever.
Jesus Chrysler!
by Nick Estes February 13, 2006
A derogatory name for Coors beer, or Coors beer that has gone bad in the can or bottle. The term was popular in the 1970's, when Coors was difficult to obtain in various parts of the USA. Adventurous beer enthusiasts would drive out to Colorado from east of the Mississippi and bring it back unrefrigerated.
Even if re-refrigerated, it was still skunked, considered swill,and difficult to drink.
"That stuff was in Tony's trunk for three weeks; I'm not drinking Rocky Mountain Gopher Piss."
by Nick Estes February 11, 2006
An exclamation of excitement, usually in regards to totally caliente chicks. Also used to describe a feeling of optimism and general well being. See psyched, def. 1. This expression reflects the overall impression of the Telemundo network, colored with images of ravishing, curvacious girls, jovial gamesters, voguing MCs and adrenaline-fueled action. The expression was brought to national attention on ABC's short-lived but entertaining television series Maximum Bob (1998). In one episode Bob Gibbs (portrayed by Beau Bridges) is happy that things are going his way. He is elated, and feeling great. He beams, "Telemundo, baby!" Used in the same vein as the Austin Powers' exclamation: "Yeah, baby!"
Upon seeing the pole dancers slide and flex their bodies in rhythm to the pulsing orgasmic sounds, Ron pulled out a twenty dollar bill, guzzled his beer and yelled "Telemundo, baby!"
by Nick Estes February 13, 2006
A disparaging name for an individual who abuses Robitussin products, obtaining a delirious or weezy, def.7 feeling from the cough and cold relief medicine alone or in conjunction with other controlled substances. Children and teens looking for a cheap kick may be tempted to steal from a family medicine cabinet or retail store shelf to acquire a Robitussin or similar product, usually a cough syrup in liquid form. By this stage in the addiction, they may be called a "Robo Head" by their distanced peers. Massive quantities of Red Bull energy drink has become a more acceptable buzz with underage drinkers due to its hypertensive effects. See Paint Sniffer for variation of abuse.
"I'm not walking home from school with Kyle any more. He's a Robo Head!"
by Nick Estes February 13, 2006
A device similar to a dustpan or miniature shovel, used to pick up dog droppings during a dogwalk. A long attached handle relieves the operator from having to bend over. Usually a spring-activated flap (controlled by a squeezegrip at the top of the handle) is manually opened and closed on the leading edge of the blade during the catch, preventing the poop from rolling out. Use of the pooper scooper is considered good etiquette, and with a bit of practice resembles a golf putt or croquet strike.
I'm totally into using the pooper scooper when walking Smokey. It's like he never took a dump!
by Nick Estes February 20, 2006
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