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1 definition by Nick Dzierzeski

Rocking Hair Metal Band, name deriving from Strong Bad suggesting band names by spelling out cool words wrong. Limozeen has gone on tours such as "Zeenin across the country" in 2001. They have an upcoming LP named "Zeenin into the Night" A few hits of theirs are "Because it's Midnite" and "Nite Mamas" and "Living it up"

"Sweet city sweared, vampire love, crimson flows down from the wings of a dove, floatin over the pavement, guitars take flight, WEARING MY TIGHTEST PANTS, BECAUSE IT'S MIDNITE!"

they have shirts at
Limozeen has the heart of a lion and the wings of a bat, BECAUSE IT'S MIDNITE!!
by Nick Dzierzeski July 21, 2004