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a drinking game in which participants tape a 40 oz. bottle of malt liquor to each hand and can't take a piss until they've finished both.
Friend: "I dare you to do Edward 40-hands with straight vodka in each 40."
You: "No way dude."
Friend: "Ha ha! You bitch!"
You: "OK I'll do it."
(does it, has to get stomach pumped at hospital half way through first 40)
Friend: "Ha ha bitch! Look at you with that tube coming out your mouth. You look like a fucking idiot!"
You: "Shut up, man."
Friend: "Ha ha! What a little girl! You had to go to the hospital. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"
by Nick D May 05, 2003
A game (can involve drinking sometimes) in which people go around in a circle saying things they have never done. If it's played as a drinking game, everyone who HAS done the thing the person says must drink. Otherwise, everyone starts with all 10 fingers up and puts a finger down if they have done that thing, and first person with no fingers remaining wins (or loses, depending how you look at it).
That game of never have I ever really got fucked up when Scotty said "Never have I ever been gang-banged by prison inmates" and my 14-year-old sister took a drink. Talk about TMI.
by Nick D July 19, 2004
to educate (or "school") someone or show off the shit you know, usually in rap.
Yo rhymes are weak. Sit back and watch me drop science on yo ass.
by Nick D April 02, 2003
A modifier used to intensify a command. Slightly more powerful than "your ass." Appending "bitch" onto the end of the sentence further strengthens the emphasis as well as the condescending power.
From most polite to most offensive/aggressive:
"Please sit down if you would be so kind."
"Sit down, please."
"Sit down."
"Sit your ass down!"
"Sit the fuck down!"
"Sit the fuck down, bitch!"
by Nick D May 15, 2006
The innate ability to detect Jewishness in another person. Like a sixth sense.
"Yo check out the guy with the pigtails and yammulke. Jewdar off the charts."
"Oh you mean Jedediah over there? No, he's Presbyterian, obviously, bitch."

Some guy: "Shalom baby, 'jew' lookin' mighty fine tonight."
Girl: "What!!?!? I'm not Jewish, motherfucker. I'm Hindu. Nice jewdar."
Some guy: "Oh, sorry, I didn't see that red dot on your head. And that kimono or whatever it is. Oh yeah, and I guess you do look sort of Indian too. So, how 'bout you take me back to the reservation with you? You can be Pocahontas and I'll be the John Smith. Then we can bang."
(gets bitch-slapped)
by Nick D November 21, 2003
a job (hours don't have to be 9 to 5).
You work a 9 to 5. You can't get a "hand 9 to 5" or "blow 9 to 5" or "rim 9 to 5". That's just dumb if you say that.
by Nick D March 31, 2003
To completely and utterly flip the fuck out.
Mary really had a cow when she came home from work early caught me sticking it to her twin sister indabutt over the kitchen counter. Typical woman, always overreacting.
(have a cow)
by Nick D October 21, 2005

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