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1) "damn..."
2) expression of surprise or amazement
1) Dag...I got fired from Dempsey's
2) You mean you found 7 mosquitoes in one omelet? DAG!
by Nick D February 21, 2003
A legendary club you become a member of by drinking 100 beer shots in 100 minutes. This club doesn't have meetings or anything, you just use it to impress frat buddies, hoes, or practically anyone that admires feats of great alcohol consumption.
If you can't join the century club twice in one night, you're a pathetic lightweight.
by Nick D May 05, 2003
the most important qualities to look for when choosing a female to be your bitch.
Ass and titties, ass ass and titties, ass and titties, and big booty bitches.
by Nick D April 03, 2003
a game, except it's not really a game, it's only used as an insult.
Go outside and play hide and go fuck yourself.
by Nick D February 27, 2003
To look at someone's features in order to determine that person's level of sexual attractiveness and the extent to which you would like to chuck it in her/have him chuck it in you.
After I nailed her little sister and didn't call back, Kim went on a major bitching tirade. I didn't mind though, since she was wearing a low-cut shirt and it gave me a good chance to check out her amazing rack.
by Nick D March 08, 2006
1) Totally unfounded, not credible, or ridiculous...usually refers to something somebody just said.
2) Having a large amount of fecal matter in your body, usually necessitating a dump.
Eric: "...so I told the Olsen twins I wasn't in the mood, because you know, I can do better. Then a couple minutes later I ran into the Hilton sisters and scored a threesome. It was just like in the video, dude, I swear."
Stan: "Man you're so full of shit, your eyes are brown."
Eric: "Yeah, I guess you're right, I really need to drop a massive deuce in the john."
by Nick D July 14, 2004
An hour in which you drink 60 beer shots, one per minute. This is a lightweight alternative to the Century Club.
"Last night was really lame. I went over to Dee's house, we did a couple power hours, then I drove home."
"Dee who?"
by Nick D May 05, 2003
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