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644 definitions by Nick D

1) An exclamation of surprise, usually at something shocking or scandalous.
2) A way of saying that you did not, even once, in your lifetime to this point, do a given thing.
Mom: "Son, eat your brussels sprouts."
Son: "I don't like brussels sprouts."
Dad: "You know, sport, life is all about trying new things."
Son: "Well I never nailed a bitch indabutt. Maybe I should try that."
Mom: "Well I never! Peter, I told you never to tell our little boy about your little...ummm...fetish, how you like to stick it in my...ummm...posterior."
Dad: "I didn't. But I think you just did."
Son: "Well I never!" (pukes)
by Nick D May 28, 2004
To hang out in the background.
"Shit dogg! You lay in the cut straight sittin' in yo' ass and gettin' yo' drink on and yo' snack on, while we floss and fly this mofo all over this bitch." -Delta commercial
by Nick D February 24, 2004
A drinking game using all 52 cards in a deck, drawn one at a time. Rules vary from place to place, with each card meaning a different activity must be done, but the game has one common feature all over the world: the kings cup. This cup is placed in the middle of the table, with the cards around it. Whenever a king is drawn, the person who draws it must pour some of his/her drink in the kings cup. The unlucky bastard who draws the fourth and final king in the deck must chug whatever is in this cup. Can often be some nasty, ungodly concoction if people are playing with different drinks.
I almost shit myself when I saw the dreaded fourth king and realized I'd have to drink that disgusting mix of Irish Stout, Smirnoff Ice, and white russian.
by Nick D July 19, 2004
To completely and utterly flip the fuck out.
Mary really had a cow when she came home from work early caught me sticking it to her twin sister indabutt over the kitchen counter. Typical woman, always overreacting.
(have a cow)
by Nick D October 21, 2005
A psychological condition in which a person is unconsciously obsessed with the mouth and feels the need to always be sucking or chewing something. May lead to overweightness, nail-biting and other habits, and excessive cock-gobbling.
Bob: "Hey Rick, why do you like fat girls so much? Is it because there's more cushion for the pushin'?"
Rick: "No."
Bob: "Is it because you need to feel dominated by a larger woman and forced into a submissive role in bed?"
Rick: "Hell naw."
Bob: "Is it because they're like mopeds...fun to ride, but you don't want your friends to see you on them?"
Rick: "Nope."
Bob: "Well is it because of the huge ghetto ass and the tig ol' bitties?"
Rick: "Well, um, not really."
Bob: "Are you just a Tri Delt groupie, and they just happen to all be fat?"
Rick: "No, but those Tri Delt girls go all out in the sack, let me tell you."
Bob: "Is it because they're desperate, which makes them easier than first grade math class?"
Rick: "You're getting closer."
Bob: "Is it because of the oral fixation, which is probably the reason they're fat in the first place?"
Rick: "Hell yeah dogg! Sometimes a nigga just gotta get his dick sucked!"
Bob: "I hear you, brother."
by Nick D May 28, 2004
To not care in the least bit (about something).

SYNONYMS: "give a flying fuck", "not give a fuck"
NOTE: It's sorta fucked up, but to give a fuck is the same thing as to NOT give a fuck. I wonder why. Shit, actually, I (don't) give a fuck.
"I just don't give a FUCK..." -Eminem

"The same cat who never gave a damn about your name...I give a fuck about it like the next LA Clippers game." -D12

"Well if Kurupt gave a fuck about a bitch, I'd always be broke. I'd never have no motherfuckin' indo to smoke." -Kurupt
by Nick D May 28, 2003
Extremely m-f-ing hot. Can be strengthened by appending "in Cairo."
"Kansas City in August is hotter than two rats fucking in a wool sock." -Ichiro Suzuki

Your sister last night was hotter than two rats fucking in a wool sock in Cairo. Unfortunately, now it itches.
by Nick D July 22, 2006