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Can be used as a verb or noun

1. When you quickly drop online currency in one spot and watch n00bs pick it up. Acuired the name fountain because in Maplestory when you quickly drop mezors, it looks like a fountain of coins.

2. Putting your hand in your pocket, grabbing all the loose change, and quickly throwing it on the ground to see what happens. Mostly for entertainment purposes.
1. Lol, look at that noob feeding off that fountain

2. Dude, yesterday i fountained a bunch of change in front of some hobos and one of them lost an ear fighting for one of the dimes
by Nick Chiasson October 29, 2007
1. A maplestory meso

2. The form of currency in any online video game

3. A meager amount of change
Me: Dude, that noob Zack was walking around the Free Market yelling "Mezors Ploxxx"
Bro: you should of dropped a fountain and watched him pick it up
Me: Lolzz!!11
Bro: Yea, Lolezzzz
by Nick Chiasson October 29, 2007
A Greek holiday that celebrates the creation of your name and gives debbies an excuse to not let you hang with friends
Nick: Wow Ryan, I didn't know you sucked so bad at Guitar Hero even though you got it on your Name Day.
Ryan: Yea I know, even though I've had it for 3 months you're still better than me.
by Nick Chiasson October 29, 2007
1. Someone who scats while having sex. Scat used here means a fast rapping of meaningless words

2. Someone who has sex with the Debbie willingly. Called a Scatman because the only known person to ever have had sex with the Debbie was a scatman.
1. Me: Dude, I think your parents are having sex and one of them's scatting!
You: Yeah I know, my dad's a scatman
-Then we hear "scatabaddabeddabettadebado I'M THE SCATMAN"-
Me: You need to ask him to stop doing that, it's creepy

2. Somehow, Pete turned out to be a Scatman. I feel bad for anyone who has ever been friends with him
by Nick Chiasson October 29, 2007

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