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When someone has the desire to take their own life.
1. Todd: Dude, I'm super bummed that my girlfriend dumped me for some other cat.
James: Whoa man! Play it cool. Don't get suicidical on me!!

2. Elliot became suicidical after his business collapsed. He was often filled with a sense of hopelessness and despair.
by Nick Brackett April 07, 2006
1. To infer that something is cool or appealing.
2. May also be used with the word Jackson at the end to show that you are directing this comment towards another person.
1. "I just found a twenty in these old jeans I got at the Goodwill. Tight Action!
2. Ed: "Hey Lucy, do you want to go see the new movie at the cinema.
Lucy: Tight Action Jackson!!
by Nick Brackett December 23, 2006
1. a term which designates the reproductive organs of a male.

2. Penis and / or Testicles / balls.
Randy: "Word brotha. What happened to Ted"
Paul: "Yo, yo! That cat put moves on Jen and she kicked him in the man fruit!"
by Nick Brackett September 13, 2008
1. The presentation or taste of something that is prepared very nicely, yet not quite ready to be declared gourmet.
"That finger food platter is very gourmetish!"
by Nick Brackett December 23, 2006
It is a reference to anything that is unwanted. It is a perfect word to replace the obsolete junk as well as other words.
1. I've got to get some of this juzunk out of my car.
2. The teacher gave me all kinds of juzunk that I have to get working on.
by Nick Brackett April 07, 2006

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