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In comedy: To do well and to get lots of positive audience feedback.
I killed at the Comedy Store sunday!
by Nick Beasley June 22, 2004
Noun: Someone who steals a joke from a comedian or uses a played out joke/premise.

Verb: To steal a joke or use a played out premise.
Noun: What a hack!

Verb: Way to hack cellphone rings!
by Nick Beasley June 16, 2004
In Comedy: To get little or no positive crowd response
Bonnie McFarlaine bombed on Last Comic Standing 2 against John Heffron.
by Nick Beasley June 22, 2004
In Comedy: To involve the audience and to play off of them for humor in a stand-up routine.
Rich Vos is excellent at riffing and working a room.
by Nick Beasley June 22, 2004
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