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Commonly mistaken as the initials of Neil Patrick Harris, in Harold and Kumar 2 he corrects Harold in saying that The PH actually stands for Poon handler.
Neil:You do know what The PH in NPH stands for right?
Harold: yeah i thought it was Your initials Patrick Harris?
Neil:No, common mistake. it actually stands for Poon Handler.
by Nick 2113 August 12, 2008
giant ass lips on a black dude where they take up a large portion of the face. Sometimes the bottom lip is so heavy it droops down and is always like open at random times.

the reason it is called lemon lips is because it resembles the shape of a lemon.
Random white dude 1: Damn! have you seen the lemon lips the Washington Redskins quarterback, Jason Campbell?

Random white dude 2: yeah, that's why the redskins sucked this year, those damn lemon lips were weighing down his face and throwing him off his game.
by Nick 2113 March 11, 2009

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