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Short for Rubefin, an Amphetamine based substance given to kids that can't concentrate...gives a good high too when crushed and snorted. Similar to ritty but is of varying potency. Ask ignorant kids at bus-stops for their prescriptions and you're set!
Degen type - "Hey little dude, hookus your entire month prescription of rubies and I'll lay a 20 on ya"
Little ADDer - "Wow man, $20 is so much money! yay!"
Degen type - ".....sucker"

easy as pie
by Nick "Cone" Connor October 04, 2005
A general term for having a good time.
The reason for going out and seeking human interaction whilst under the influence.
"Yeah bro, tonight is gonna be MADNESS!"

"Bro that bouncer/cop/loser just fully killed all the madness"

"The madness wave you're riding is gonna crash soon bro, you'll be the TRUE degen"
by Nick "Cone" Connor October 04, 2005
The underlying and most important factor in degenerate life - consideration for fellow idiots...for if a degen is alone, they are then just another derelict idiot.
Perfect example in Tangerus. A fellow degen's dooz should not stay unlit for long.

Cone - *takes dooza out of packet and puts in mouth*
Other Degen, possibly scozz - *recognises need of lightangerus and hooks one up*

Cone - "Cha for the consideration factor bro"
by Nick "Cone" Connor October 04, 2005
to get absolutely fucked up or,
to consume wholeheartedly or with fervent anticipation
"Bro i'm fucking sacked off these tacks aye..."

"Sack those fucking beers you sissy" - Scozz
by Nick "Cone" Connor October 04, 2005
root: Sweet
Often used to express exclamation about something, or can be used as a greeting or in agreement. But mostly used to as a reason to say something when nothing else can be said; as an ending to the convo or useless part thereof.
As part of a greeting...
"Sudlup dog, sudlup"

As a goodbye on the phone...
"Sweet bro I'll be round later"
*conversation ends*

Boring convo? Just insert "Sud" and nod your head repeatedly

In a text message...
"Bro come round"

Or can also use "Hud" as word tone is more inflected, thus indicating a question:
"Hud up?" - "Whats up?"
by Nick "Cone" Connor October 04, 2005
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