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1) Three Mile Island, a nuclear power plant near Harrisburg, PA that leaked radiation in 1979 one time but is still operational.

2) Too Much Information
Tex: "So how's that job at TMI going?"
Billy Bob: "Pretty good, at least since that accident way back when which made me grow a third ear on my ass."
Tex: "Damn dogg, TMI!"
by Nick D January 31, 2004
Called WVU for short, it's the biggest party school in the country. Half the people there are total rednecks, and ALL the people there are raging alcoholics. A good place to go if you want the full-out college experience without silly distractions like classes getting in the way.
Boss: "Now it says here on your resume that you attended West Virginia University for four years. How was that?"
You: "I don't remember."
by Nick D August 09, 2004
really rich; "loaded" with money.
"Man, why you with that girl? She's a bitch and she's got you whipped!"
"Dogg she's loaded...you ever see that pimped-out Ferrari she drives around in?"
by Nick D May 27, 2003
buying shit...poppin' the tags off of merchandise.
Jay-Z be poppin' tags, leavin' tha mall with heavy bags.
by Nick D February 18, 2003
to gradually die (literally or figuratively)
When Dan started telling the girl at the bar that he lived in a barn with 3 sheep, 2 horses, and his parents, his chances of beating it up that night started circling the drain.
by Nick D September 25, 2003
having a lot of muscle tone; ripped
Yo Bubba might way 350 and bench 600, but that nigga is flabby. I'm trying to be like MJ. That playa is cut.
by Nick D February 21, 2003
When you seriously need to take a dump the day after you drink a shit ton of beer.
You: Man I have MAD BEER SHITS...I need to find a crapper RIGHT NOW!
Oh fuck there it goes!
Girls: Ewww that's the grodiest thing I've ever seen! You're not tapping this ass tonight!
You: Fuck.
by Nick D February 08, 2003
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