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Depriving the body of oxygen to increase the intensity of an orgasm obtained via autobating. Oxygen deprivation is often achieved by inhaling engine exhaust (diesel, gas or biogas) or that new/old car interior smell; sometimes achieved thru self-constriction with retractable seatbelts, sunroofs, windows, trunks, tailgates and adjustable lift kits (either simultaneously or successively). Procedure can be fatal (see: The Journal of Necktie and Radiator Fan Pleasure).
Sure the sound of my Honda’s bolt-on gives me a hard-on, but it’s the exhaust fumes that take my orgasms to the next level. Can I interest you in a little auto erotica asphyxiation after the prom?

It wasn’t until I found our neighbor’s son unconscious in our new BMW with a Road & Track in one hand, his knickers by his ankles and a smile on his face, that I realized it was his repeated auto erotica asphyxiation which was staining the car’s headliner.
by Nicholas Sarcasmy August 22, 2010
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