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Adjective used to describe a beard that is similar to that of Tony Stark. One of the two 100% cures for chest disease.
Its really smart that Blake and Zyprin have some starky ass beards. They will be completely immune to chest disease.
#chest #disease #blake #starky #tony #stark #iron man #zyprin
by Nicholas Piper AKA Lord Biron August 12, 2008
Training that every Paladin trainee must undergo in order to achieve Paladin status. It is the most intense training ever developed. Training that Luis uses in order to become one of the most powerful and rugged beings known to man or beast.
Billy: Luis, how did you become so strong and so rugged.
Luis: Paladin training.... yeaaahhh! FUCK EM UUUUUUP!!!!
#paladin #training #strong #strength #powerful #luis
by Nicholas Piper AKA Lord Biron August 12, 2008
The strongest, most painful disease ever known. Confirmed to be a "sister disease" to foxtrot. Leaves no mark of illness for autopsies to confirm. Founded By Chief Grand Cherokee and Basketball Face. It is contracted by driving a Dodge. The only two known cures for chest disease are chest disease pills supplied by codename: Demon Shark who refuses to sell his discovery. The second cure is by growing a starky beard. This causes the chest disease to be blasted out the chest of the diseased individual. Only known symptom is massive chest pain. Chest disease can be prevented by driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee (Chief Grand Cherokee aided in the development of this particular machine). Tony Stark, Solid Snake, and Kakarot are the only known survivors of chest disease.
Udon: Chimichanga!!!
Weasel: Ah damn! Shouldn't have driven that Dodge. Good thing I have these chest disease pills..... muthafuckin fish food?! Ah damn!
Demon Shark: Now I'll have some fish food that I couldn't have possibly mixed up with the chest disease pills... uh oh... fucked up desu ne!
Note: Names have been edited for personal privacy
#weasel #demon shark #chest #disease #starky #stark #iron man #jeep #chief #grand #cherokee #foxtrot #solid #snake #tony #kakarot #dodge
by Nicholas Piper AKA Lord Biron August 12, 2008
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