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Animals which are commonly not believed to exist, but actually may. Instances include the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, the Teratornis, and Pterodactyl, Mothmen, etc.
That girl was so uckaly that she was practically a cryptid.
by Nicholas Meyler September 23, 2003
A form of cryptography where the cryptogram is "hidden in plain view." Mozart's 14th Symphony in A Major (Kochel # 114) can be deciphered to contain information about the Philadelphia Experiment, and the Alternate History of "another Universe,"
which occurred due to the intervention of Time-travel.
The message was hidden steganographically in microfilm, disguised as a period in a sentence of a letter.
by Nicholas Meyler September 15, 2003
Literally, "Goat-sucker." Typically a
Hispanic (Mexican, and Puerto Rican) story of a mythical, possibly alien beast (see "cryptozoology" and "cryptid") which ravages goats and sheep by sucking out their blood, usually through precisely incised points of exsanguination.

Alternately, someone involved in goat-sodomy (i.e. Devil-worship).
"The singer/actress Cher had photos of that chupacabra, John Ashcroft, so he couldn't prosecute her."
by Nicholas Meyler September 21, 2003
The theory popularized by time-travel researcher Nicholas Meyler, that information from the Future, frequently about disasters, is often embedded or encrypted subtly (see "steganography") into artworks like music, or literature, as possible warnings, to avert damage.
The FBI could have used the encryptment thesis to deduce the September 11 attacks before they happened, but, instead, obstructed justice.
by Nicholas Meyler April 29, 2003
The Tau Cetian relative of Charcarodon Megalodon (the ancient Great White Shark, specimens of which up to 100 feet in length have been found as fossils on Earth). The distinctive feature of the Tau Cetian variety, notwithstanding its length, is its winglike appendages (similar to those of terrestrial "flying fish" classification "excocetidae"). The Tau Cetian Great Whites are known to be able to fly lengths up to 400 meters, and exceed altitudes of 13 meters.
The lagoons of Tau Ceti were placid until the Charcarodon pteryops giganticus broke the surface of the water.
by Nicholas Meyler September 15, 2003
The Class name of "Flying Fish". Comprised of some 40 odd species, found throughout the World, flying fish possess abnormally long pectoral fins, which enable them to glide substantial distances above the water.
Mick was astonished to see the exocetidae specimens flying at his head, and forgot to duck, so he was injured.
by Nicholas Meyler September 22, 2003
Generally, government agents in the area of counter-intelligence, who specialize in the identification and apprehension of double-agents.
Aldrich Ames was caught and captured due to the work of talented psychic amateur mole-hunters.
by Nicholas Meyler April 29, 2003

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