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(noun)A knight of high honor and stature; (adj)To be able to fight honorably and respectfully; (verb)To fight honorably and respectfully while using intelligence at the same time.
(1)Matt: Nice one Adriel!
Adriel: Yay! I'm finally in a definition!
Matt: You fought him with honor and respect, and still came out victorious.
Joe: That is why he is Gawain...
by Nicholas D. Wolfwood April 25, 2004
An affermative; yes, as used l33t g4m3rz.
Sally - T0m, will j00 g0 to pr0|\/| with m3?
Tom- j3s, if 3y3 g3t s0m3 p00n.
by Nicholas D. Wolfwood February 06, 2003
(noun) one who cheats or acts foolish;
(adj)used in the case where one was caught cheating in a game;(adj) one was acting foolish amongst a crowd
(1)Phil: Hey did you just look at my screen?
DiOtRo: Maybe...
Phil: Awwwww...come on you shotty hoebag

(2)Joe: Look at me! I can act like Phil!
Phil: Joe stop being a shotty hoebag in front of everyone.
by Nicholas D. Wolfwood April 25, 2004
(noun) A mellow person who is secretly a cello playing ninja at night; A person who ostracizes people (adj)To be mellow yet aggressive at the same time; To be a person who ostracizes other people in Math class; (verb)To ostracize people in math class; To slap people and not notice while sitting on a couch.
(1)Joe: Want to work together, since I'm pretty sure that I'm smarter than Scott?
Alex: . . .
Joe: Fine be that was and ostracize me, you ASOL!
Alex: Huh? I didn't Ostracize you. I just didn't hear you.
Joe: Sure....Liar!
Alex: I am not a liar!

(2)Joe: So Sarah whats on ur schedule for tonight?
Sarah: I don't know
(Alex, who is sitting next to Joe, tapping his shoulder with her hand, slaps Joe in the face and doesn't notice)
Joe: Ow...
Alex: What?
Joe You just slapped me!
Alex: I'm sorry! I didn't notice.
Joe: You ASOL...
by Nicholas D. Wolfwood April 25, 2004
(noun)One who imitates the comedy antics and catch phrases of Phil. (adj) One who has the ability to imitate Phil. (verb) To imitate the comdey antics of Phil and to repeat his catch phrases profusely.
(1)Joe: Hey Dion listen to this, "Hey Dion, stop being such a shotty hoebag. Quit it Maxi!"
Phil: Joe stop being Flippish
by Nicholas D. Wolfwood April 25, 2004
(noun) A ruthless killer with no simpathies for his enemies; (adj)To be ruthless in a game or when taking lives; (verb)To act completely ruthless and show no emotions when killing of playing a game.
(1)Jovan: Holy! Matt! You came out of nowhere!
Joe: He slaughtered all of us!
Gawain: Owies!
Matt: . . .
Joe: Man, Matt! You are so being Knives this night.
by Nicholas D. Wolfwood April 25, 2004
To expire. Not to respawN. Often refered to as a person
d00d, d34th c4m3 f0r j00
by Nicholas D. Wolfwood February 06, 2003

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