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General: Of or pertaining to any guy who is always pleasant and has more girl friends than girlfriends

Specific: THE Niceguy is the archetypal niceguy.
I just met the Niceguy online. He really is a niceguy, he gave me advice on the best place to take that girl I met on a first date.
by Niceguy December 04, 2005
adj. (pronounced j.eye.mass.ive) Really, impressively large.
So big that even ginormous fails to express its bigness.
nerd1: I had 25 kills and 0 deaths in the
Halo deathmatch!

nerd2: Wow! Thats some GIMASSIVE pwnage!
by niceguy August 20, 2005
To have a bowel movement. Evolved out of the phrase "drop colon" where colon can have two meanings(colon as a part of your digestive tract or as a puntuation mark).
hung over guy #1: "Dude, where you goin?"
hung over guy #2: "Gotta punctuate the toilet"
hung over guy #1: "Spray some air freshener after"
by Niceguy October 29, 2006
to have a bowel movement.
hung over guy #1: "Be right back, I gotta drop colon."
hung over guy #2: "Beer shits are the worst!"
by Niceguy October 29, 2006
A white-boy trying to be asian or an asian trying to be a white-boy.

Cream filling represents the white on the inside, and the outer part represents the asian
by niceguy August 17, 2003

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