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(verb) to have knowledge, to be aware of something, to be acquainted with someone, to have carnal knowledge of someone.
Person A: There's a big queue at the club- we'll never get in.
Person B: It's okay- I know the bouncer.
Person A: I knew Caroline before you married her.
Person B: Yes, she told me and I'd rather not discuss it, thanks.
Person A: That bouncer is staring at us- do you know him ?
Person B: Yes, I sodomised him repeatedly last weekend. It was quite pleasant.
#knowledge #bouncer #sodomy #bum #wife
by Nice Uncle Andy October 06, 2006
(noun, plural) Ammunition which leaves little or no scarring upon impact but serves to enhance to victim's street credibility.
Person A: My cousin's just been shot 10 times.
Person B: Is he dead ?
Person A: No dawg, they was just hip hop shots- his mixtape comes out next week.

Person C: My cousin's just been shot once in Iraq.
Person D: Was they hip hop shots?
Person C: No, he is dead.

#hip hop #50 cent #shooting #guns #rap
by Nice Uncle Andy October 01, 2006
One who teaches English as a Foreign Language. Usually a native speaker of the language teaching outside his/her country of origin. A career which attracts the adventurous, the eccentric and the sociopathic.
Barman 1: Who's that cool motherfucker ?
Barman 2: Don't know, but last night he came in smoking a joint, asked me where the nearest brothel is, drank a whole bottle of whisky, did some coke off Mia's tits, fucked her, buggered her and left. I think he's an EFL teacher.
Barman 1: Shit, that's so cool. I wish I was him. Oh, look- he's just knocked out two of the bouncers with one punch.
#efl #teacher #eccentric #tits #brothel
by Nice Uncle Andy October 09, 2006
A war of attrition between two or more parties usually carried out via the medium of music. Differs from a conventional feud in many important ways, see below.
Conventional feud:
Person A: Did you see Geoffrey last night ?
Person B: Yes I did and rather than let our feud simmer any longer I beat him with such severity he lost two fingers and an eye.

Hip Hop feud:
Person A: Did you see Jeffrey last night?
50 Cent: No. I dislike him yet instead of confronting him I made up a nursery rhyme about him. Then Soem else set it to music.
#hip hop #rap #50 cent #ja rule #feud
by Nice Uncle Andy October 05, 2006
(noun) A scruffy or degenerate individual. A probable alcoholic.
Barman 1: Who's that tramp ass motherfucker ? He just drank ten beers, he sits only and talks to himself. And he be dressed like a motherfucking clown.
Barman 2: He's some kind of teacher or maybe he just acts like one.
#drunk #beer #alcoholic #scruffy #degenerate
by Nice Uncle Andy October 06, 2006
a ex-gang member turned vigilante, using unconventional methods to fight crime
Gang member 1: Yo, homie I wonder how Bruce Wayne got all that money. Batman be so tough an' shit.
Gang Member 2: Yo little homie, back in the day dog, back in the day ? Bruce Wayne was a straight up G. Just like us. He made that money selling crack, selling weed an' pimpin'. But then the cops did some Guantanomo shit on his ass an' he became a snitch an' a crime fighter. He reps the blue an' grey cos he still a crip.
Gang Member 1: Thanks dawg for droppin' that knowledge.
#crip #batman #crack #weed #money
by Nice Uncle Andy October 06, 2006
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