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A ting ta is not only a sound that you can make if you click your tongue fast enough, it is also an 86 year old lady. She has over 21 grandchildren, many of whom all share the same birthday. She is an ordinary, law abiding citizen who unfortunately became addicted to the smell of both petrol and fire at a very young age. Her love for both petrol cans and sparklers can often get her in somewhat trouble with the federal department, but don't forget - she's just a lovely old lady with very very good skin and school girl looks
"oops, i dropped the banana...what AM i going to do now? :O"
by nicaloodie December 04, 2003
A big smelly ogre with webbed feet. His feet are also very hairy and when he walks down cobbled lanes he enjoys the motion very much - for numerous reasons. Especially when riding bikes. He likes ham sandwhiches because his belly is made of ham and it helps to settle and digest his stomach so he doesn't get wind. His girlfriend is also equally mean (Oi Laura hehe) but seeing as he mainly thought up the mean things to say about me I think Laura can get aways with this one hehe.
Oh yes and Frazer also fights evil cows and stuff but he usually takes them home for a bit of fun afterwards.
"Fraser's fannies hold your pennies or your money back" (gets it hehe)
by Nicaloodie July 17, 2004

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