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Destroying the food in front of you. There was not even a thought given to whether you would eat all that food, it just got maxed.
"Is there any pizza left?"
"Fuck no, we maxed that shit."

"Did you max all the jelly beans?"
"Yea, sorry dude."

"What did you guys do for lunch?"
"Maxed that chinese buffet."
by Nic1708 October 11, 2007
When someone tells you they will do something, but end up not doing it. Also known as "front row tickets" or "front row boys."
"Did Julie ever come through last night?"
"No, she was sellin tickets"

"You promise you're gonna come with me tomorrow?"
"Yea, for sure."
"Alright, don't be sellin me no tickets."
by Nic1708 October 11, 2007
A ride you and friends take, either through the country, or just anywhere in a car, with the sole purpose being to smoke a blunt or joint.
"Where you guys been?"
"I just got back from a country ride with Boomer and Erin."
by Nic1708 October 10, 2007

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