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First off, let me say this doen't apply to all fans of One Direction. People shouldn't be judged because there was no way they could have possibly known about 1D. The Directionators are those young, bratty, newbie fans.You know which ones are them. It just pisses us, Directioners, off because these brats make 1D's image awful to other people. Example:

Friend: "You like 1D? Isn't that for like immature, bratty, little girls?

We still want D to suceeed because we love them, we're not being possesive, we just don't like to see all our dedication go to waste. I mean. I don't want my 9 year old sister wanting to go to a 1D concert with me.(If I ever did go.) I mean, really? I just think they're too good, to go to waste like that.

How To Spot A Directionator:
-They always think of themselves of Directioners.
-They have only been fans since WMYB was released & became popular.
-They think WMYB was 1D's first song.
-They spell the guys name's wrong and such.Simple mistakes as a newbie. (i.e. Henry likes girls who eat carrots. Zain has a pigeon named Stevin.)
-I agree, they think they're better than the original fans of 1D, the ones who have been fans since the beginning on the X Factor.
-They hate on the boy's current girlfriends.
-Usually around the ages of 7 to 14
*Some of their comments*

The "Prisses"-Ohh Em Gee! You Knoww That New Band One Direction?Yah I Discoverd Them Backk In 2011. Did You See How Cutee Zainn looks in that neww WMYB video? I Heard That He's Afraidd Of Spoons.

The "Carrots For Brains"-I like Lewie. Whose that blonde kid in all the videos? With the ugly teeth?

The "Unable to Accept The Fact My GirlFriend Left Me For 1D"- They're gay.

These Directionators need to either be preached 1D or b-slapped. I suggest the latter.
by Nialler's Neverending Stomach March 24, 2012

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