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The wee tash thing that young chaps lovingly refer to as their "might moustache" when actually its just a pile of bum fluff on their top lip!
Jimmy (In a Belfast accent) "Heres me wah!size of the bar code on you!thats a qwaur tash on ye"

Billy " Oh and wah sure it only took me liek a 10 years to grow!"
by Niall McGuinness November 21, 2006
I was playing "Mario Kart Double Dash" on the GameCube and I unlocked a car called the "boo pipes" and that day I had a serious case of ass gurgling,soooooooo put name and action together and got "the boo pipes" - Internal farting/gurgling. When you have it you must exclaim "I have a serious case of the boo pipes!"
When your sitting on the bus and your ass implodes, and everyone looks at you thinking it was your stomach, but you know better.....
by Niall McGuinness February 22, 2005

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