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1.Noun. Glam rock king of the 1970's and 80's. Had a big "gang", (enquire within if you wish to join) and confessed to loving a good "bang".
2. Noun. (Rhyming Slang) Arsehole - Gary Glitter = Shitter
"....and then she took the whole fuckin' lot right up the Gary. You could see the makers nameplate, I were so far up, let me tell you...."
by Niall Brady January 21, 2003
noun. A place of great interest to many horticulturalists, but ironically not uphill gardeners. Coloquially used to describe an overgrown patch which has been in need of a good digging over for some while.
An unkempt protective layer of hair covering the pubic mound on a woman's body. Terry Waite's allotment
"I think it's about time your ladygarden was sorted again. I just caught Spurt Reynolds in your hedge when I attempted entering the pink palace, and he doesn't look happy to me!"
by Niall Brady February 09, 2003
The word uttered directly after "plenty" on a European Skin Flick, immediately after the lead male has deposited his load onto the waiting female.
Ooh, aaah, jah, das is gut, ohh, ooh ooh ohh ohhhh MMMEEEEUURRRRR!! Planty spunken!!
by Niall Brady January 08, 2003
(Simile.) Describes a badly overgrown ladygarden or punani in need of a lot of TLC. (And possibly an industrial-sized strimmer.)
"I pulled down her knickers, and she had a twat like Terry Waite's allotment! I've seen long-haired poodles with less hair than her!"
by Niall Brady February 09, 2003
The name given to the weakening of the knees when approaching orgasm standing up, when indulging in a bout of self-gratification.
"I was givin' it sum in the shower, and got wankers' rickets so bad I ripped the shower curtain off the rail!"
by Niall Brady January 08, 2003
The name given to the weakening of the knees when reaching climax standing up. Wankers' Rickets.
"I were givin' aar lass a good un' against the wall when we got oot o'th' club an' I nearly fell over when I shot my load! She just said 'aah well love, we did come dancin'!!"
by Niall Brady January 08, 2003
(Acronym) Body Off Baywatch, Face Off Crimewatch.
-"Phwoor! Look at that arse!"
-"Yeh, but y'd have to put a bag on her head to make it work- she's a bit of a BOBFOC
by Niall Brady January 21, 2003

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