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3 definitions by NiTrat3

In 1967 the Aztecs held a competition in which they battled the Incas, with giant yellow spears mounted on a platform with 4 wheels while they roll down a giant massive hill, for possession of their lands. This competition became known as MUHUBAJA which when roughly translated into english in 2005/6 by a Russian diplomat means BANANA CART.

bob:haha hey billy look at my hot girlfriend, ima cocksnap her in the banana cart
billy: wtf dude that's my girlfriend
by NiTrat3 May 07, 2006
9 2
someone you have relations of the sexual kind with for a short lived time.
yeah she was only an infucktuation
by NiTrat3 March 19, 2008
6 0
like explode but kaploding and being ten times more awesome and shit
WHOA!!! look at that fucking cabbage kaplode!!!
by NiTrat3 May 10, 2006
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