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When a girl takes a guys load right up her nose and sniffs it further up like itz some kind of new, exotic drug. YOU SICKEN ME!
Chris: Hemi likes boyz! wat a faggot!
Dillon:wat u gonna do this weekend Hemi?Besides smell like a dead horse and not shower.
Hemi(fag):Im prolly just gonna go home , put on some country music and try snorting wet meth.
Aaron:BF3C 4 life nigga!
by NiPz Is MyHerO November 11, 2005
A girl whose pussy is so loose and flobby(probably from being a slut)that she could jump off a building spread her pussy and use her pussy to float down to earth slowly.
Dillon: Did u get any from that chick last night?
Chris: Hells ya i did, but shes pretty much the biggest Mary Poppins ever!
by NiPz Is MyHerO November 11, 2005
when u get wasted at a party and pass out. The next morning you awake with some sort of silverware(mainly a spoon)up your ass for no aparent reason.
Chris:"how was the party last nite?"
Aaron:"pretty good, except for me wakin up with a rusty spoon!"
Dillon:my pants smell like fish tacos
by NiPz Is MyHerO November 12, 2005
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