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4 definitions by NiNi

A word said when putting your index finger to your mouth as you express a surprised look while making an O with your lips. can only be used in this format and said to mean you are suprised and a little bit proud of something you have done.
>after eating someone elses cookie>> "oody"
>after pinching someones butt>> "oody"
by Nini May 01, 2006
famous pirate ship in the carebbian,captain's:jack sparrow,barbossa
Jack:I know those guns.It’s the Pearl.
Prisoner:Black Pearl?I’ve heard stories.She’s been preying on ships and settlements for near ten years. Never leaves any survivors.
Jack:No survivors?Then where do the stories come from,I wonder?
by nini November 09, 2003
Having sex using a ziplock bag instead of a condom.
We didn't have a condom so we started ziplocking.
by NIni May 24, 2013
a form of language
whizznuts izznup (whats up)
by NiNi December 16, 2003