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1. a. An exclamatory phrase conveying sentiments of astonishment, surprise, anger, annoyance, bewilderment or other general feelings of shock. Should be spoken with great emphasis.

Not directly related to the act of smearing shit on or having shit smeared on the tits, but rather the emotions equivalent to the feeling of shock upon realizing shit is on the tits.

1 b. Something bad.

2. Alternatively equivalent to the feeling of great release after shitting on someone's tits.

3. Related to the idea that someone has knows nothing about something.
1. a. "Ohhhhh Shit tits, I shouldn't have done that last night, I don't think I had a condom."

1. b. "OH Shit tits! My paper was due this morning!"

2. "Shit tits!"

3. "you don't know shit tits about that"
by Nhibby December 12, 2009

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