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Militant atheist and Dawkins fanboy, Myers attracted public attention when during 2009 his S&M/bakery fetish was made public: apparently, Myers admitted torturing a number of holy wafers for fun and pleasure.

Members of the catholic church and pastafarians discuss to this day wether they should feel indignated for the abuse perpetrated on innocent floor products or concerned for the mental state of this man.
-Hey isn't that guy PZ Myers?
-Yeah. What the hell does he need all that bread and plastic sheets for?
by Ngherappa June 15, 2011
A sad attempt by the tea party members, who used to call themselves teabaggers (a name that fell out of favor when they found out the other popular meaning of the word) not to be the butt of their own joke anymore. The term was popularized by Michelle Malkint; it usually refers to a politician who flees his home state to avoid a quorum, preventing an unwanted legislation from being passed.
A: ...so he moved to another state to stop the law from passing.
B: What a fleabagger.
A: still better than a teabagger.
B True. True.
by Ngherappa April 14, 2011

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