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An unfunny, smallminded euphemism for a lesbian used mostly by "men" unable to relate to women in a normal way.
A woman who tends lady gardens, ploughs the furrow manually, enjoys the fruit of the bush, prefers melons to plums, etc.
I once asked out a female horticulturalist, but she turned out to be a girl gardener.
by Nexie December 20, 2006
George W. Bush, hopefully last of a long line of anti-American terrorists, responsible for the demolition of the World Trade Centre (buildings 1,2 and 7) and bombing of the Pentagon by cruise missile. A terrorist, traitor and murderer of the people he is sworn to protect. Aware of LooseChange911 but arrogant enough to remain in office.
Bush killed thouands of people and got away with blaming it on "suicide" terrorists who are still alive.
by Nexie December 20, 2006

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