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A Facebook Wingman helps his boy get some, facebook style. Usually this achieved by him reppin his bro or acting like a total dick to make him look better. Often lacks the suave of the traditional wingman but is usually just as effective. The Facebook Wingman is often at his best when intoxicated.
Nick: Check this out bro *Sends something obscene and dickish to an attractive girl*
Sid: Awesome bro she just sent me a winky face
Nick: Niiiiicce! I'm your Facebook Wingman
by Nex Solo March 13, 2011
The process of making crappy Urban Dictionary definitions and/or killing jokes to the point of no return.
This definition in itself is a greaves.
by Nex Solo February 21, 2011
The ripping of your trousers to create a vagina like split. If it is on a women it reveals her actual vagina giving a point of easy entry for a man to perform a Dirty Dungeon Pirate.
Eve: Oh it appears I have a Trouser Vagina.
Pete: Yes looks like it's time for a Japanese Crab Stroker.
by Nex Solo May 12, 2011
The Japanese Crab Stroke is a sex act where a man/women masturbates a women/man bearing a jungle of pubic hair full of pubic lice. Not to be confused with the Japanese Crab Surprise when a man begins the act but ends up finding a penis where he expected a vagina.
Anne: I've got an itch literally ;)
Joe: Japanese Crab Stroke?
Anne: Ok
by Nex Solo April 06, 2011
The dirtiest sex act known to man. It is an orgy in which all participants (wearing bondage gear) cum shot into each others eye's until one eye is fully blind on each participant (If it only involves a man and a women the man must sperm in his own eye) they then proceed to scat on each other till fully bathed in faeces.
Dave: Just going Fishing in Whitby.
Adam: I'm cuming ;)
Johnny: Me too.
Alex: Oh no looks like they're going for a Dirty Dungeon Pirate again.
Pete: Yeah they are.
by Nex Solo May 12, 2011
The Facebook Crusader is on a campaign to takeover Facebook, one argument at a time. Every status update is an argument waiting to happen, be sure when the moment to argue comes they will pounce. Their Modus operandi is to be the biggest troll possible and make constant references from Wikipedia and Google. When a Facebook Crusader feels like they are losing the battle they will go back to their Grammar Nazi nature and start to correct your spelling.
Beware confronting a Facebook Crusader maybe hazardous to your notifications.
The only way to defeat a Facebook Crusader:
Shaun: That dudes being a troll again
Dean: Nah he isn't a troll he's on a motherfucking holy quest! He's a Facebook Crusader.
by Nex Solo April 24, 2011
'Leaving Clegg in charge' is a phrase that refers to something that seems like a good idea at the time but ultimately ends in chaos, usually referring to leaving someone in charge who is an incompetent idiot.
David: hmm I feel like a very expensive holiday to Italy, Nick you're in charge for the week.
Nick: Oh thank you David, I won't let you down.
*Comes back a week later to riots and madness*
David: WTF
Boris: That's what we get for Leaving Clegg in charge.
by Nex Solo August 12, 2011

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