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Someone who contributes absolutely nothing to the world around them but merely sits there.
Student 1: Moe is such a chair cookie!
Student 2: Don't be so harsh. He got a 14 on that last math quiz!
Student 1: Yeah, but the teacher said she'd give us 14 free points for turning it in!
Student 2: Well, at least he turned it in.
Student 1: Actually, I found it on the floor and handed it in for him.

Student 2: Chair cookie.
by News Crew November 27, 2009
A center for educating middle grades (6 - 8) students in Virginia who have had difficulty succeeding in a traditional school. Smaller classes, more tolerant teachers, social skills instruction, and an alternative method of working with kids are all parts of the alternative program.

The goal of the school is to re-teach the students and help them learn to participate in the more-structured atmosphere of a traditional school. Helping them learn to become active participants in their own education is a primary goal. Reducing the frequency of unacceptable behaviors is another goal.
New Dominion Alternative Center is a mini-school that provides alternative education.
by News crew November 27, 2009

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